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rasssss :)


rasssss :)

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Anonymous: Whats your favourite camera to shoot with? And what do you edit your photos with?

Camera: Canon 7D or Nikon D90. And mainly iPhoto or Photoshop 

Anonymous: Can you please get infinite scroll!


illeeshpretzelsteeze: Hey, I hope you don't mind me asking, but I am just curious with how you got a gig working for Saga Outerwear as their intern photographer? Did you know someone that was working there? Or did you send them some of your work? It's so awesome that you're actually a part of their team! keep up the awesome work, & happy skiing! ps- your blog has always been one of my favs. (art & skiing is an awesome mix)

Hi! Yeah no problem. Last fall I was at 4frnt (my old ski sponsor) and was looking for a clothing sponsor so I went next door to Saga and just asked them if they were sponsoring anymore girls… they said yeah so I sent them my resume and got a call the next day saying that they would love to sponsor me and also they were wondering if I wanted to do a photography internship. I was friends with Austin Stevens (owner of Saga) on facebook and I upload an obnoxious amount of pictures so he saw my ‘work’ on my facebook page haha. So I guess the biggest thing that helped me was just putting my pictures out there (and being facebook friends with the owner!). I have dealt with a lot of ski companies for just my skiing but Saga was the first that really wanted me for both skiing and photography. SAGA IS DA ILLEST. And thank you! Means a lot! 

Anonymous: omg im so totally abscessed with you!


Anonymous: Are you going to "The Beatles: The Lost Concert" movie premier in a few weeks?

Nope are you?!?

Anonymous: What's your cusins tumblr? the one that models for you sometimes.

Emily? She doesn’t have one. 

Stealing my pictures?? At least give me cred&#8230;

Stealing my pictures?? At least give me cred…

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Maybe you go to Vimeo and vote for Bobby Brown and MIchael Clarke for this video: https://vimeo.com/awards/vote/actionsports

Damn. That was sick.

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